To create a new perspective to view the photos of its products and enable more immersion for its customers, Zucchi has implemented 3D photo technology to bring a new way to view the stone bundles available in stock.

According to Zucchi’s marketing manager, Pablo Vieira, the COVID-19 pandemic has limited face-to-face contact. From this new scenario, Zucchi has started working to find new tools allowing the customers to have a complete immersion making the buying experience even better.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been studying technologies to support our customers, generating new experiences, and more touchpoints with our product. The travel limitation has driven us the need to seek new alternatives to improve the customer’s buying experience. Then, we started to test a lot of tools that would help achieve this goal “, says Vieira.

The technology implemented by Zucchi allows the creation of 3D photos at the same time that traditional photos in two dimensions are created. Now, the customer can view both photos when receiving offers from the sales team. In this first step, the new 3D photo technology has been used only in the main products of Zucchi.

Watch the video below and see how the technology works.


Test here the 3D Photo Technology