Novulato Grigio

  Back to Marbles NOVULATO GRIGIO Nuvolato Grigio is within the hardest dolomites found in the world. A fantastic stone from the Superwhite mining region in the North of Brazil. It has the same structure and pattern movement. Just take away the dark grey veins and add


  Back to Marbles MILANO Milano is another preciousness of a dolomite marble which was recently discovered in a very special area in the Southeast of Brazil. It is a resistant and white clean dolomite with delicate light shades. No shortfalls besides its difficult access and low

Calacatta Oro

  Back to Marbles CACALATTA ORO The luxurious white tones and hard structure of the best performing Brazilian dolomites with the richness addition of exotic golden marks. Calacatta Oro is another great option of hard marble that invites architects and designers to explore their imagination and play

White Super

  Back to Marbles WHITE SUPER White Super became a phenomenon. A mid-range marble with open black and grey movement over an extremely white background. A consistent and easy-to-fabricate material that has been highly demanded Globally - even for Italy. The luxurious and sophisticated look it provides

White Rhino

  Back to Marbles WHITE RHINO White Rhino is a worldly popular marble that comes from a special quarry of Namibia in Africa. We bring the blocks all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to be processed at our high tech marble factory. It is a white

Tesoro Grigio

  Back to Marbles TESORO GRIGIO Tesoro Grigio is a soft grey marble with ocasional beautiful blue crystals. Coming from the same quarry of Tesoro Bianco it is also an extremelly hard marble composed of 80% dolomite mineral. One of the most succesful mid range marbles available

Tesoro Bianco

  Back to Marbles TESORO BIANCO Tesoro Bianco is a rare kind of marble composed of 80% dolomite. It is one of the densest and most resistant marbles found in South America. Its dominant pure white color palette is balanced with occasional light blue crystals and

Super White

  Back to Marbles SUPER WHITE Superwhite is the most famous marble from Brazil for fair reasons. It has been around for a very long time and it has one of the most appealing and pleasant looks of all stone patterns. It's a hard white and grey

Sequoia Brown

  Back to Marbles SEQUOIA BROWN Sequoia Brown is an all-round unique stone. It has a truly inimitable combination of color tones and a very special type of surface structure unlikely any other stone currently known. It is a remarkable product with a very hard structure that

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