New Venetian Gold

  Back to Granites NEW VENETIAN GOLD One of the most classic granites of the whole market. New Venation Gold fitting for big projects, like malls, airports, and facades. But also it can be applied in personal ambiances, mainly in Kitchens, bathrooms, and countertops.


  Back to Granites UBATUBA One of the most popular granites in the world. Ubatuba Green with its original and inimitable dark green pattern has been a beautiful and reliable stone choice for more than 50 years in all levels of projects. A lot of it

Valle Nevado

  Back to Granites VALLE NEVADO Valle Nevado is the first choice for small and high volume projects looking for beauty, simplicity, and durability. A universal and trendy matcher for all kinds of cabinets, vanity tops, pieces of furniture, etc. Because of its unbelievable consistency, it

Preto Brasil

  Back to Granites PRETO BRASIL Brazilian's basic black granite best representative. Black Brazil is a consistent, hard and durable plain black granite with great availability and value. World's best performing low cost plain black granite! SPECIFICATION


  Back to Granites ZURICH Zurich is a very unique and consistent type of white feldspar granite. Its color is predominantly pure white and balanced with a light blueish & grey thin mass added to somer very delicate brown mica mineral marks. Its access is also

White Viena

  Back to Granites WHITE VIENA White Viena is an exotic feldspar based granite with a consistent and nice balance of crystals and mica minerals. Probably the most successful version of the ever-trendy and family of white felspar stones. SPECIFICATION

White Light

  Back to Granites WHITE LIGHT Another winner choice for great value mid-range granite. White Light has that trendy natural look: always light, balanced and exotic. It is consistent and budget-friendly. A special product which is perfect for mid-range builder's programs specifying light stones with exquisite

Via Lactea

  Back to Granites VIA LACTEA Via Lactea resembles the beautiful and mysterious night view of the moving Universe from Earth. A solid and hard granite formed by a dense black mineral mass with fine white lines looking in a steady and constant live movement. A

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