Bianco Impala

It is always good to remember that our magnificent Bianco Impala marble is a natural stone treasure from the south of Espirito Santo, our home state, and it is recognized for its predominant characteristics: alternating stripes of white and gray, horizontally, along the entire slab.

This sparkling stone has a mix of dolomite and calcite in its composition, with slight movements in gray calcite, being white its predominant color. Brazilian marbles are known to perform well above conventional products found on the market, due to their hardness and differentiated mineral composition. It could not be different in terms of its use in countertops and other utilities.

With absorption of only 0.23%, this is a compact and hard material, that brings an excellent finish on the surface and already on cut pieces.

This is the Brazilian Marble Revolution!





Polished, Honed, Leather


2cm | 3cm



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