Azzurra Bay

  Back to Quartzites AZZURRA BAY Azzura Bay, the newest discovery of Brazilian white quartzites arrives to give a touch of unique beauty to any ambiance. Its gray tone, which matches perfectly with the Pantone 2021 palette, is an exclusive asset to make all applications much more

Brilliant Grey

  Back to Granites BRILLIANT GREY A lighter version of Brilliant Black, this beautiful quartzite is properly called Brilliant Grey for obvious reasons. The same glassy brightness and hardness, with an extremely versatile color pattern. Brilliant Grey is another super resistant stone and is marked by this

Calacata Quartz

  Back to Quartzites CALACATA QUARTZ A world-famous quartzite from the geologically rich areas of Minas Gerais in Brazil, the one and only Calacatta Quartz is a timeless trendy material. It has been attending refined and luxurious design projects around the world with great usage performance

Novulato Grigio

  Back to Marbles NOVULATO GRIGIO Nuvolato Grigio is within the hardest dolomites found in the world. A fantastic stone from the Superwhite mining region in the North of Brazil. It has the same structure and pattern movement. Just take away the dark grey veins and add


  Back to Marbles MILANO Milano is another preciousness of a dolomite marble which was recently discovered in a very special area in the Southeast of Brazil. It is a resistant and white clean dolomite with delicate light shades. No shortfalls besides its difficult access and low

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