There is no other type of stone in the world with so much use as Marble

Some of the most stunning artworks and buildings ever created by man were made possible to become a reality upon man’s ability to craft and develop technologies to shape and compose this magnificent stone.

Marbles have been amazing people throughout all times and being a distinct object of craftsmanship and business for over 2000 years.

Marble is timeless!

It mirrors sophistication, confidence, and charm. And as it ages, it just reveals its versatility and prosperity. It doesn’t get old. It becomes noble!

Regardless of color trends, the introduction of new products like quartzites, new colored granites and even man-made products like quartz, Marbles demand, and consumption were never affected.

It sits confidently in its noble position in designers, architects and end-customers desires for their dream projects.

You can say it is the most consistent product segment in the stone businesses.

fontana di trevi
athens academy ceiling

No labels. No marks. No ranking.

Always true to its nature.

Being a metamorphic stone, marble quarries are more subjected to color and vein variation than any other type of stone. That makes it more special and widens the options and possibilities to be found for each unique project and desire.

Every piece, lot and quarry is a unique opportunity to please clients.

The imposing stone

Nature makes no mistake! It’s always instigating men’s creativity.

There will always be that specific pattern to be found that suits exactly your architect’s and designer’s imagination. As also there will always be special and unique lots that will call on the stone professional’s imagination to create or transform the perfect ambiance with it.

Each piece will find its special matching application and value. Nature made it perfect and stone design professionals give continuity to it. The Italians realized that early in ancient times. And we’ll make sure to continue this magic.

We saw an abundance of beautiful unexplored quality marble reserves around us, and now we have prepared to deliver you the best of Brazilian marbles.

This is how we do it

Blocks selection

From the block´s selection to its preparation, our materials are treated with the reference they deserve.

It’s our duty to display excellent and unmeasurable care to expose nature’s artwork as it deserves.

stone marble rough block 01
industrial factory floor 01

Our Inputs

We only use the best. No matter where we have to bring them from.

We assure all our inputs such as resin, catalyst, sealer, fibers, etc are directly imported from the best and most experienced factories in the world.

They happen to be in Italy. So there is where we go after every single element for our manufacturing process.


Our factory is 100% automated. We never move our blocks or slabs through cranes or belts.

They make their path through ground stable charts assuring the structure´s integrity will remain intact.

vacuum chambers 01

Vacuum Chambers

Our processing set counts with two vacuum chambers where all slabs go through after receiving a special Italian liquid resin coat.

The vacuum will remove the air from all minor pores and fissures throughout the slabs and suck the resin deeply into the slab’s structures. The result is an always compact structure from one side to the other resulting in perfect massive and compact slabs.

We know how fabricators love it! We value their time!

UV Resin Dryer Chamber

You’ll only find it here. Our process counts also with two UV Dryer Chambers for both paste and liquid resin that also all slabs will go through. The UV rays will expand the resin-like nothing will and make it go after any micro/nano-imperfection hidden in the slab’s texture. Now, your material is finished as you desired and ready to impress.

UV Resin

Taking quality commitment

The basic method of how to process marbles in order to make them a sophisticated architectural object hasn’t changed much in essence over the centuries. After all, nature has already done 99.9% of the work and after extracted it will require very little processes to be ready for use compared to other types of natural stones.

Still, we make sure we are always on top of our game to test and apply all the latest technologies developed to improve the final product for your use.

We take quality commitment to the highest levels and our team will never cease to search, find and even develop new methods and inputs to improve your product and experience when negotiating, fabricating or using our marbles.

Now that you know everything about our marble process, click below to learn more about the products.