The best use of natural stones has always been an important topic in conversations between architects, interior designers, and fabricators. Although this item is widely considered in spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens, the different ways of natural stone applications, the type of material, and where it should be used, has been gaining space in this debate in the last few years.

This is exactly what we discussed on Zucchi’s Instagram Live (@zucchistones), on Tuesday (06/09). Our natural stone specialist, André Zucchi (@andremzucchi) invited the interior designer Anna Gibson (@akgdesignqueen) to share ideas of how designers are perceiving the variety of options to use natural stones in their projects. Also, we had an interesting chat about marble use in the kitchen, which has always been a polemic topic in the stone industry.

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André Zucchi – Natural Stone Specialist (@andremzucchi)
Anna Gibson – Interior Designer (@akgdesignqueen)