Zucchi Stone Design

Exclusive Unit of Customized projects and products

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Following the constant investments in technology and following the market trends, Zucchi starts the year 2021 with the launching of an exclusive unit for customized projects and products. Named Zucchi Stone Design, the new industrial plant aims to deliver a complete experience in the stone market.

President Jonas Zucchi points out that the new industry is sophisticated and equipped with high technology to produce any kind of project, from a floor to customized and exclusive pieces. We will, once again, unleash all the beauty of natural stone and transform it into a masterpiece ready to be installed in the most sophisticated projects in the world,” he said.

With state-of-the-art technology and exclusive equipment, Zucchi Stone Design can be considered a “playground” for architects and designers who want to develop projects with natural stone. “Besides the diversity of raw materials, the equipment can design anything that creativity allows. The sky is the limit”, said Leonardo Tatagiba, the business director responsible for the new industry.

According to Tatagiba, one of the highlighted equipment is the Primus 402 (WaterJet), capable of performing precise and fast cuts in sheets up to 20 cm thick. “This equipment guarantees super customized cuts, allowing every idea to become a reality,” explained the director.

Another outstanding piece of equipment at Zucchi Stone Design is the Donatoni DG 2000. “We can say that this is a machine that produces pieces as perfect as the beautiful works of art made by the most famous sculptors of mankind. Michelangelo and Da Vinci would be impressed with such precision,” Tatagiba concludes.

Besides the equipment focused on the personalization of pieces, Zucchi Stone Design has machines that guarantee productivity and speed. Large works that need the volume of cut-to-size materials, for example, can benefit from the production capacity of the Donatoni SX-5.


Donatoni DG 2000

Entrepreneurial vision and constant investment in modern equipment, technology, marketing, research, and development have helped Zucchi to consolidate, over the past 27 years, as one of the leading companies in the export market for natural stones in the country.

Founded by Jonas Zucchi in 1994, the company is positioned in the premium luxury stone market and supplies the largest variety of Brazilian natural stones in the worldwide market, offering an exclusive selection of granites, quartzites, and marbles – there are more than 100 different and unique colors in the catalog.

“Our efforts have made us a great reference in quality and customer satisfaction, being one of the most reliable companies in the natural stone market”, celebrates the company’s president and founder Jonas Zucchi. He points out that Zucchi is constantly challenging and reinventing itself to ensure its prominence as one of the most recognized companies in the market.

With headquarters located in Serra (ES) and a branch in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim (ES), Zucchi has one of the largest and most modern industrial parks in the country for the processing of natural stone slabs. There are 18 looms and exclusive polishing and resin lines for each type of stone, in addition to the only 100% automated plant for processing marble. “All materials are refined, protected, and go through a rigid inspection control, ensuring extreme quality,” points out Zucchi.

Primus 402
Primus 402 (WaterJet)

The president also reminds us that the selection of products marketed by the company goes through detailed criteria and is always based on consumer trends, exclusivity, and differentiation. “It’s no wonder that Zucchi has always been a pioneer in launching stones that today are best-sellers in the global market. A good example of this pioneering spirit is the Tesoro Bianco marble, chosen last year as the “Stone of the Year” by the Natural Stone Institute (NSI)”, says Zucchi.

In the quartzite line, the Taj Mahal is still the market favorite, but new products have emerged with great potential to stand out. This is the case of Azurra Bay, a quartzite with light tones that refers to the color of the year chosen by Pantone – a brand known for dictating the color trends in the world.