Valentino: the dolomitic marble from Zucchi

Learn more about the new trend of the brazilian marbles

Zucchi, a world reference company in Brazilian Marble, launches today (10) a web series with the special participation of its specialists in natural stones, to explain in a clear and objective way the specificities of its products.

Following the path opened by the 2019 campaign “Brazilian Marble is the black“, which introduced the product to the world market and increased consumption of the product by 70% in the American market, it’s time to talk about the new market trend: hard marbles.

The word marble, from the Greek marmairein or the Latin Marmor, means “stone of quality” or “white stone”. For geologists, marble is defined as a crystalline and carbonated metamorphic rock, composed of calcite crystals, or dolomite, resulting from the recrystallization of previously existing limestone or dolomite rocks, mostly of sedimentary nature.

Zucchi’s Brazilian hard marble is mostly composed of dolomite, in addition to traces of quartz. This gives much greater resistance to the product that, after being transformed into slabs, can be used in different ambiances, not to mention the beauty already characteristic of the product.


The hard marble “Valentino” is the theme of this first episode of the “Expert’s Advice” series. Coming from Bahia, in northeastern Brazil, this marble is available in thicknesses of 2 and 3 cm, and can be applied indoors and outdoors.

AdobeStock VALENTINO scaled

Elevador Valentino scaled

Fachada casa scaled

Gustavo Rocha, from Zucchi’s commercial team, spoke with Natielen Tegner about this material, which is part of the company’s wide range of hard marbles.

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