From Nature to Glamour: Natural Stones in Celebrity Homes

We will explore the use of these beautiful materials in the architecture and decoration of celebrity residences.

Natural stones are always a choice that adds luxury and sophistication to any environment. It’s no wonder that this type of material has been the preference of many architects and designers responsible for creating homes for various famous personalities.

Throughout this article, we will present five inspiring examples that will certainly awaken your creativity and imagination. Join us on a journey through the glamor and elegance of exclusive spaces and get ready to discover how natural stones have added luxury and sophistication to the homes of the rich and famous.

Get inspired by Gisele Bundchen’s kitchen

Marble is always a success! And that was one of Gisele Bundchen’s choices. The famous supermodel had a charming kitchen with a white marble countertop.

The shades of white marble not only add a rustic touch but also transmit unmatched elegance to this kitchen.

Having marble in your home is like adding a touch of timeless luxury to every corner. With its natural variations of patterns and colors, marble brings a unique elegance to any space. In our Virtual Showcase, you’ll find beautiful marbles with lighter tones to add value to your residence, such as “Milano,” “Bianco Impala,” and “Cachoeiro White.”

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Jennifer Lopez’s Kitchen Countertop

Another personality who also had a beautiful marble countertop in her kitchen was the star Jennifer Lopez. The spacious off-white marble countertops are simply incredible. It’s not only the solid and stunning look that catches the eye but also the elegance they convey. These countertops are highly versatile, fitting into any style.

JLO jpg

Kim Kardashian’s Bed

Last year, American influencer and socialite Kim Kardashian shared images that caused quite a stir among her followers. The photographs in question showcased her bed, which featured a headboard made of a remarkable marble.

These images portrayed more than just a piece of furniture; they were a visual display of the art of nature and its possibilities. Marble, already known as a material of excellence, took on a new dimension in this residence.

The notable characteristics of this marble piece, along with the absence of direct reflections, evoke exquisite marble specimens like the distinguished “Florence” or “Alba Pietra” in brushed finish, stones that are part of Zucchi’s portfolio of dolomitic marbles.

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Lewis Hamilton’s Condo Pool

Renowned Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton attracted attention by acquiring a luxurious penthouse at 70 Vestry Street in New York, a building designed by Robert A. M. Stern, valued at $40.7 million at the time. This building, which incorporates natural stones in various spaces, featured the iconic Taj Mahal quartzite as one of its choices, which is the best seller from Zucchi. This quartzite forms a luxurious leisure area – including an Olympic-sized swimming pool – where residents can enjoy leisure moments.

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Lounge in Drake’s Mansion Studio

In our quest for harmony between design and sophistication, we often turn to inspiring spaces. An example of this inspirational power can be found in one of the areas of singer Drake’s house.

In this setting, a unique piece takes center stage and completely redefines the concept of elegance: we are talking about the backlit panel of brown agate.

This enhancement occurs when this beautiful stone is transformed into a backlit panel. The light that passes through the layers of this stone creates a perfect setting for creative and relaxing moments.

AD0520 DRAKE 11


Each example presented here shows how nature is one of the best sources of inspiration for creating durable and unique environments. The result is not only stunning environments but also something that transcends fleeting trends due to the timelessness of natural rocks. 

That’s why Zucchi always aims to offer its customers the best materials, not only in terms of beauty but also in quality.

You can find an incredible selection of marbles, granites, and quartzites in our Virtual Showcase and get in touch with us for more information through this link: