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Discover Where to Apply Dolomitic Marble and Be Amazed

Embark on a fascinating journey into the world of dolomitic marbles. In this blog, we will delve deep into this universe of exceptional stones, unveiling their unparalleled durability and exploring the endless possibilities of application. Get ready to discover why…

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Brazilian marble is the new black

Aiming to promote the Brazilian marble, Zucchi has launched the campaign “Brazilian Marble is the new black”. The idea is a parody with the famous English expression “THE NEW BLACK” which is used to say that something is the new fashion, the new trend, the new hype! Something that is now popular and desired, is described as “THE NEW BLACK”.
Tesoro Bianco - Stone of the year

Tesoro Bianco named 2020 Stone of the Year

Tesoro Bianco marble by Zucchi Luxury Stones has been chosen as the 2020 Natural Stone Institute Stone of the Year. The stone will be featured on 2020 member certificates, membership code of ethics, and association marketing materials throughout the year.…