Brazilian Marble Revolution: 1.5cm slabs

We truly are revolutionizing the Marble Industry. But we specifically are proud to be leaders of the Brazilian Marble Revolution.

Focused on diversifying its product line and increasing the portfolio to provide even more value to our clients, we introduce another universe of new possibilities.

After transforming the ornamental stone market processing Taj Mahal in 12mm (1.2cm) thickness, Zucchi takes a new step toward the Brazilian Marble Revolution: a recently developed line of 15mm (1.5cm) marble slabs.

15mm 1.5cm 1
Every single marble in our portfolio can be sawed in this new thickness.

Due to the special production process and inputs applied, any marble cut in 15mm has the same resistance as a 20mm (2cm) slab with the advantage of weighing 25% less. Besides making the handling and cutting processes of the slabs much more agile, it also turns out to be a great logistics cost optimizer.

Iris White Marble

Iris White Marble

Iris White Marble

Iris White Marble

Leonardo Pellegrino, Zucchi’s Commercial Director, affirms that “this new thickness guarantees more variety and application flexibility, even with dolomitic marbles”. 

It can be installed in elevators, entire walls, giant backsplashes, floors, panels, and of course, in all other applications often used in projects with natural stones.

Welcome to the Brazilian Marble Revolution.