Bianco Impala marble: a treasure by Zucchi

Brazilian marble revolution continues

One of the greatest discoveries of recent times, originating in the south of our home state, Espírito Santo, the Bianco Impala marble has a super white background, in a dense and compact mass with small white and gray crystals, while movements of the same colors runs through the slab.

It’s another marble discovered on Brazilian soil by Zucchi!

The Bianco Impala has an impressive mix of white marble with blue and gray crystallized calcite, and it can be translucent in some spots.

cozinha Bianco Impala 2 1

cozinha Bianco Impala1 1 scaled

banheiro bianco impala 2 scaled

It’s the perfect material for big project demands, with larger slabs, and each lot carries its own personality to match your unique ideas, identities and styles. It has high durability and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications, and you can use any of our finishes perfectly.

Our specialist in natural stones, Andre Zucchi, has a special message for you:

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