Zucchi’s launch brings new application possibilities

New technology allows the production of 1.2cm thick natural stone slabs.

A world of new possibilities. Thus, we can define the advantages of Zucchi’s newest technology, which allows the production of 1.2cm natural stone slabs. The new thickness guarantees more variety and application flexibility.

Having lighter and thinner slabs brings the durability of the natural product to projects that previously had application limitations. Now it will be possible to install Zucchi’s beautiful natural stones in ambiances such as elevators, entire walls, giant backsplashes, and even on boats. And of course, in all other applications that are often used in projects with natural stones.

Slabs are thin like a pen.
Slabs are thin like a pen.

In addition to opening up a range of application opportunities, the new thickness makes handling and transporting the slabs more practical. Weighing almost half of a 2cm slab and being 60% thinner, the 1.2cm thickness makes it possible to transport more slabs, optimizing space in the customer’s container. In addition, the processes of handling warehouses and cutting the slab to customize projects become much more agile.

taj 12 4
Tajmahal in 1.2cm

The first blocks are now available for sale. Zucchi selected the Taj Mahal, the number one bestseller of the moment, to introduce the product in the market.

Check out the main advantages of the 1.2cm thickness:
– New application possibilities
– Thinner and lighter slabs
– Greater ease of handling and transport
– Easier to cut than standard thicknesses
– More application flexibility