Founded by Jonas Zucchi in 1994, Zucchi turns into one of the main players in the Brazilian Natural Stone exporting market.

The entrepreneurial vision and constant investment in modern equipment, technology, marketing, research & development at all steps of the process have contributed to the build-up of a role-model company that never stops challenging and reinventing itself.

We already have been doing it for a quarter of a century. Working day by day, seeking nothing less than perfection.

Guided by our clients, we go all the way! Delivering our mission, and supporting their dreams. Being always there, for each one of them, with their own special needs and tastes.

Unique as their nature. Unique as our stones.

Along all these years we keep delivering our values, providing a unique and diverse selection of natural stones from Brazil to our partners, bringing sophistication with bright and refined taste to residential, commercial, and corporate ambiances worldwide with luxury and functionality.

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Calacatta Berrini
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Today, we are responsible to provide the biggest variety of Natural Stones from Brazil to the worldwide market. Focused on premium luxury stones, we offer an exclusive selection of granites, quartzites, and Marbles at more than a hundred different and unique colors.

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This is the recipe to lead us to have today the most modern natural stone industrial plant in the Americas. Our efforts made us the biggest reference in quality and customer satisfaction, being one of the most reliable companies in the natural stone market.

Welcome to the Zucchi Way.

Our Mission

To bring all around the world the diversity and unique beauty of the Brazilian Natural Stones and provide sophistication to residential, commercial, and corporate ambiances with brightness, refined taste, functionality, and life-long durability.

Our Values

| Integrity
| Innovation
| Commitment
| Quality
| Social Responsibility
| Results


To guarantee the quality of our products, we are always concerned with having the best equipment to extract the maximum beauty from the stones with unparalleled quality. For this reason, today Zucchi has the largest and most modern industrial plant in Brazil and the Americas for processing natural stone slabs.

Further, there are almost 100 thousand square meters of built area, with a maximum capacity to produce up to 180 thousand m2 of slabs per month.

– 18 looms between gang saws and multi-wire saws to cutting natural stones for marble, granite, and quartzite.

– Exclusive polishing and resin lines for each type of stone, in addition to having the only factory in the Americas 100% automated to process marbles.

– All of our materials are improved and protected with epoxy through strict quality control, and each slab is examined by a qualified operator, guaranteeing extreme quality.

A Technology Focused Company

We care about innovation and technology changes. In the fourth industrial revolution, we have prepared for this challenge keeping always improving to support our clients with the best technologies.

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